Get to know Greg Markley. My Union story.

I have been a professional firefighter since 1984 but that wasn’t the start of my Union experience. As a kid I walked the picket lines with my parents who were both Teamsters. My life was better, because of an American Labor Union. Ever since the day I walked into the firehouse for my first shift, I saw the up close and personal difference a Union has made in the lives of so many. Both my experience as a child and working in non-Union Labor jobs taught me that the benefits of a Union didn’t come because somebody gave it to us out of the kindness of the employer’s heart; we had to fight for it, and we have to fight to keep it. So I got involved. I’ve been involved with my Local, on every level since the beginning. In those early days, I learned important lessons of the job; those lessons of commitment, and the hard work that is necessary to protect the community, our members and our families. And, just like in my beginning, our work has not ended. In fact, we are faced with challenges that have impacted every member of this IAFF. Now, as it was then, the words “every member, every penny” are more critical than ever to ensuring the people elected to represent you are qualified, honest, transparent, responsive, and innovative. I am grateful to have been a candidate for your IAFF General Secretary-Treasurers Office, and proud to offer support to Frankie Lima as our elected IAFF GST.
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